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Artificial Grass Cleaning, Sanitising

& Maintenance Treatments


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It's Good To Touch The Clean, Green Grass At Home


Terms & Conditions C 2020

Our Standard Terms & Conditions

1 : Inspection / Commencement Of Work:

a : Clean Green Grass will measure the grass area to be treated on arrival / before work starts. Any discrepancies in the total square meterage that have been given and are

    booked in for will be discussed with the customer / homeowner. Should your artificial grass square meterage measure bigger than booked in for and in doing so taken to

    the next maintenance fee bracket - a new total cost will then be given. The difference will be required to be paid for on completion of works as standard.

b : Prior to the commencement of works and upon inspection, if any artificial grass is deemed to have previous damage, including but not limited to : tearing, shrinkage,

    loose joints / seems, creasing, lifting, unstable pinning, burns, stains, thinning / thread barring, holes, un-secured base, uneven sub-base / subsidence and the such like

    these will be noted on the customer form and the customer will be shown and made aware of. A signature of the homeowner will be required if any previous damage has

    been found before works can begin by Clean Green Grass.

c : Clean Green Grass will not be held responsible for any further issues from any such damage which has been found prior to work and the above if the homeowner /

    customer has signed works off to commence (including aged / historical damage clear from a CGG visit)


2 : Bookings:

a : A detailed schedule will be made of the maintenance dates on your customer form which is signed by the customer / homeowner and Clean Green Grass.

b : Changes to booked in / scheduled dates by the customer / home owner prior to the date of works, will only be accepted by email and by where a reply / notice has been

    agreed by Clean Green Grass.

c : Should a maintenance visit date need to be changed by Clean Green Grass prior to or on the day of scheduled agreed works, every effort will be made to reschedule at a

    mutually convenient date. All rights reserved.

d : Any further reschedule dates will be done so where available booking dates allow by Clean Green Grass.

    Please read 3e should nobody be at home and allow access to Clean Green Grass


3 : Payments:

a : All payments are due on the day of works to be carried out as quoted (taking into account any measurement discrepancies as noted above)

b : The prices listed in respect of treatments against pet smells are based on 1 pet. Should you have more than 1 pet a revised cost will be given in respect of treatment

    amounts (severity of odour) It is then the homeowners descision whether or not to take that advice and upgrade.

c : The prices listed are individual maintenance / treatment charges. Should you require 2 treatments during one visit / maintenance this will be quoted for accorodingly but  

    must be requested prior to the day / date of works being carried out.

d : In order for the discount PIA Loyalty Reward cost to be applicable, full payment must be made for the first 3 maintenance visits. The 4th maintenace vist cost will include

    the discount with just the remaining balance due on the day. A full breakdown will be given upon booking.

e : Should the customer / homeowner not be at home or present to allow access to Clean Green Grass to the property on a booked and agreed maintenance visit for

    whatever reason, an additional charge of £25 will be levied and payable to Clean Green Grass in addition to the total maintenance cost applicable which has been booked.

    Clause 2d will then be actioned as listed above.


4 : Customer Utility:

a : With some maintenance treatments and in some cases, it may be necessary to use the customers / homeowners utility (water and electric) by way of a hose pipe

    connection and electric for our powerbrush. This may either be via an outside tap or indoor tap. Any usage is allowed for and allocated within the maintenance / treatment

    works and cost and will be discussed upon booking.


5 : Social Distancing / Covid Secure:

a : Clean Green Grass will abide and respect all social distancing measures in force at any given time. Our products are sanitisers in respect of any works to be carried out

    and our operatives will also carry and use sanitising gels, gloves and masks where necessary.


6 : Force Majeure:

a : The company reserves the right to defer the date of provision of works, or to cancel the contract if it is prevented from, or delayed in, the carrying on of its business

    (wholly or in part) due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the company including acts of god, governmental actions or restrictions, war or national

    emergency, acts of terrorism, protests, riot, civil commotion, fire, explosion, flood, epidemic, lock-outs, strikes or other labour disputes (whether or not relating to either

    party’s workforce), or restraints or delays affecting carriers, or any inability or delay in obtaining supplies of adequate or suitable materials, or the failure or demise of any

    source of supply.

    Clean Green Grass holds full business Public Liability Insurance with Hiscox UK Insurance.

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