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Did you know the reason that most artificial grass smell of dog urine is that the uric acid crystals from dog wee get trapped under the turf and coagulate in the sand, MOT sub-base or the grass backing itself. These crystals release ammonia and grow bacteria which gives off a really strong, fishy, smelling gas. Be it dogs, cats, even urban or rural foxes ... pet owners try everything and spend a fortune on different products to remove these offensive odours – getting more and more frustrated and fed up.


Many people think the "off the shelf" or the usual "online" retailers listing artificial grass cleaners will get rid of the problem. Sadly they wont, It will just mask the problem for a short time but not effectively deal with the problem, eradicate the bacteria and make your grass smell and feel amazing. Most artificial grass cleaners aren’t specifically designed to soak the sub-base and remove the pong problem at source, leaving dog owners living with an ongoing, nasty smell.




Spring and summer will see the grass being used the most with the start of the better weather coming in and being able to enjoy your outdoor space. Flattening of the fibres is one of the most common faults with people not maintaining their lawn regularly. Some people use a domestic hoover! whilst this will clear up any debris or odd thread weeds on top of the grass it isn't going to get to the root of the problem (pardon the pun!) and its not good for the hoover either. Some have even taken a jet washer to it which has then displaced the sub base and make the surface uneven and in some cases caused lifting of the grass itself.


Food particles from a BBQ or party, fizzy drinks, alcohol when dropped or spilt will all sit in the blades and backing of your grass causing a number of issues. This will attract flies and other garden bugs without treatment. Pollen and plant seeds are also air born and will occassionally knit deep into the fibres of your artificial grass promoting and causing weed growth. These will only be removed with the correct, professional products and tools for the job at hand.




In autumn, leaves and plant debris will blow on to the grass which can create perfect conditions for moss and algae to grow so removal of these algae and moss spores is very important especially in winter with damp weather as this is the time your grass will come under the most harsh conditions. Your grass could go a dark brown / black colour in places and become crusty. We have the right treatment to ensure your artificial grass is maintained to the highest level and to protect your garden investment.


We use a professional power brush to decompact and brush up the fibres and artificial grass blades as well as the correct, professional grade cleaners, sanitisers and infills where required. In fact it is advisable to schedule in a appointment and visit during the autumn / winter period to keep the grass in pristine condition and protect it until the better weather comes back around.

Please see our MAINTENANCE PACKAGES page for finer details.



There are 2 common makes of artificial grass on the market being latex and polyurethane backed grasses. Although many latex backed grasses are listed as pet / child friendly, latex backing absorbs dog urine, causing significant odour problems from the build up of uric acid in pet / animal urine. Installers who don’t understand the ‘science of smells’ and unwittingly use sand and other materials that congeal uric acid beneath your grass, resulting in a permanent pongy problem. Think of constantly spilling a drink on your household indoor carpet and the soak through to your underlay. Imagine the smell that would build up if you left it untreated. With our unique cleaning process and more importantly the very best products on the market to prevent the build up of bacteria and embarrassing pet pee problems.

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It's Good To Touch The Clean, Green Grass At Home

Although there is no hard and fast rule as to which treatment may be needed for your individual needs, we have listed some of the most popular treatments and maintenance packages that occur with your own pets, visiting garden animals and the four seasons of the great British weather - not forgetting those all important BBQ and garden parties! Please feel free to call us to discuss your problem in order for us to identify the correct treatment for you.


Our Products & Treatments are engineered for longevity

and the removal of bacteria.


•Remove pet urine / odour and waste from the base of grass blades

•Digest uric acid crystals from latex backed synthetic turf

•Sanitise for summer parties giving you and your family peace of mind

•Unblock the drainage holes in artificial grass backing

•Remove mould and algae from grass blades

•Prevent mould re growth from grass, patios and paving

•Specialist treatment for artificial grass laid on hard surfaces with no sub-base

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